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RoHS / WEEE Directives

In general all our products adhere to the statutory requirements and to the national and
European directives that are relevant for our products, and can confirm that with respect
to hazardous substances,our standard products comply with the currently applicable
laws and ordinances of theEuropean Union and of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Our standard products are not subject to any marking or declaration requirements.
The latest requirements - some of which apply to us - are specified in the ordinances
WEEE (2002/96/EC), RoHs(2002/95/EC) and 94/62 EEC. These directives are currently
being incorporated into German law and will be effective as of 01.07.2006.

We aim to provide you with EC safety data sheets in accordance with 91/155/EEC for all
materials and substances used. We can supply the data sheets for the plastic materials
by e-mail. Simply let us know which of our products you are using, and we will e-mail
you with the latest material data sheet.

The following table will also give you an overview. At the present moment our standard
products generally comply with the following specifications or fall below the relevant limits.
Any deviation is explicitly mentioned in the material text of every delivery sheet.

RoHS(2002/95/EC) Directive (PDF)

WEEE (2002/96/EC) Directive (PDF)

Critical Materials (From Prohibited Chemical Substances Ordinance)
Aliphatic chlorinated hydrocarbons < 0.1 %
Short-chain chloroparaffins  
Chlorinated and bromated dioxins
and furans
< 0.0000005 %
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) < 0.005 %
Polychlorinated terphenyls (PCT)  
Carbon tetrachloride  
Ugilec and DBBT (PCB substitute) < 0.005%
Organic tin compounds  
Polychlorinated naphthalenes with
more than 3 Chl atoms
< 0.1 %
Asbestos < 0.1 %
Formaldehydes < 0.1 ppm
Heavy Metals
Cadmium and
cadmium compounds (Cd)
< 75 ppm,
Packaging material <100 ppm
Chrommium hexavalent (Cr(VI)) Packaging material <100 ppm
Lead and lead compounds (Pb) Packaging material <100 ppm
< 4% in copper alloys, e.g. brass
< 0.4% in aluminum alloys
< 0.3% in steel alloys
Mercury and mercury compounds Packaging material < 100 ppm
Flame Protecting Agents
Polybromated biphenyls (PBB) < 0.1%
Polybromated diphenyls (PBDE) < 0.1%
Diphenyl ether pentabromide derivative < 0.1% (76/769/EC)
Diphenyl ether octabromide derivative < 0.1% (76/769/EC)
Various amines < 0.1% (76/769/EC)
Bisphenol A (tetrabromo bisphenol)  
Metcase header filler
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