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Surface / Wall Mount Enclosures


  • Versatile plastic enclosures with wall/surface mounting flanges
  • Molded in ABS (UL 94 HB)
  • Internal PCB mounting bosses
  • Three case colour options
  • Optional sealing kits to IP67, NEMA 4X


  • Fastening the enclosure from the bottom (WM0xx / WM0xxi)
  • Fastening the enclosure from the top (WM0xxR / WM0xxRi)
  • Recessed non-textured area on top
    for a label (xxxi / xxxRi)
  • Internal 2 x AA battery holder (WM0xx--AA2 models)
  • Clear UV stabilised polycarbonate top (Selected models WM0xxC / WM0xxRC)


  • Moulded in black Black (BK)
  • Moulded in almond Almond (AL)
  • Moulded in grey Grey (GY)


Serpac WM-Series Enclosures

To view all the options on each size click on its image or the series number (WM0xx)

  Series No. Size  
  WM01x 106 x 59 x height View range >>
  WM02x 129 x 67 x height View range >>
  WM03x 136 x 84 x height View range >>
  WM05x 168 x 84 x height View range >>
  WM07x 200 x 125 x height View range >>
  WM09x 266 x 162 x height View range >>

Metcase header filler
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