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Wall Mount

This pre-moulded wall mount device is available on numerous S-Series, SL-Series and clear top enclosures (see table below).

The wall mount device allows the enclosure to be mounted to different surfaces (curved or flat) in a secure and robust manner and can easily be attached and removed from the mounting plate (supplied).

All hardware is included. **Part number format: e.g. 031 S-Series case order 031WBK for black, 031WGY for grey or 031WAL for almond.

For clear top enclosures: e.g. 132 case order 132WCBK for black base.

Wall Mount
Image Part No. Description Fits (Including i, R, Ri, *C and *RC options) Drawing
(in inches)
Wall mount W
(see note)
Wall Mount 031, 131, 231, 032*, 132*, 232*, 033, 133, 233,
051, 151, 251, 052*, 152, 252, 053, 153, 253
05S, 25S
PDF Drawing
Ordering note: Add 'W' after the first three digits of the case Part No.
Metcase header filler
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